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Tuesday Majlis 1/8/39 🍼

O Allah i need Your Protection!

Our Beloved (Dada) Shaikh Rahmatullah alayh explains 4 points to protect us from sin, based from the following Dua:

If we reflect, on how a mother looks after her child.  What she'll do and how she'll go out of her way. If we hand ourselves over to Allah Ta’ala, He will look after us like that. So we need this spiritual protection from Allah (also physical) but more so spiritual -our Thikr, Tilaawah, Namaaz. 

1st point: sand is harmful for kids, and if they swallow it, the mother will put her hands in his/her mouth to take it out so that it doesn't harm her child.

So now cry to Allah so much, that tears- at least three drops-as in the Hadith the word دموع is used, which is plural. And also try to make salah on tiles, sandy ground or a pure place on which tayammum is permissable (not a Musallah) and cry and let your tears fall on the ground. Like that all your sins, just like the sand of child will come out. If you can't cry then pretend like you crying, Allah will accept that also. How Merciful is Allah, we get angry on pretence in dunya.
It comes that if one can't cry and feels sorrow for that then that is his crying of the heart.

2nd point: If the sand landed in the stomach then operation is necessary.  

Same way Allah will make operation on us. Some difficulties,  problems, domestic problems etc. One gets distressed in these situations then one makes tauba.  It's not that Allah hates me or is throwing me out of  His Court. In an operation the doctor cuts you,  it hurts so much and you pay for it! So this is the way Allah takes out all my dirt, because of my sins.

3rd point: the mother sweeps up the sand wherever she can and as much as she can, or she tells the father to concrete the place as it's harmful for the child.

So Allah Ta'ala blocks the causes of guna. for example a person relocates, from opposite a high school and Allah makes some asbab the landlord comes....or another example-you get fired from your job,  Allah took you away from where you were sitting with the secretary whole day and Allah will give you another job. So its Allah saving you. Our brains are too small. Allah will stop the asbaab of guna out of His kindness

The 4th point: so the mother removes the sand, did operation, removed the means of sand. Then she finds out that the kids of neighbourhood come and bring sand in their pockets and give it to the child. So she puts up customs, checks the children that are coming, slaps them if they bring sand. 

So Allah protects you from those friends that take you to the cinemas, parties and evil. For example  in the family; music &  mixing functions, now Allah Ta'ala causes an argument to take place and they don't invite you anymore. This is Allah's Rahmat on you. So in different ways Allah Ta'ala makes ways to protects us. So make this Dua,  make niyyah for spiritual protection also. When one is saved from guna he finds peace and happiness in life.

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Points from Tuesday Majlis 22/8/39 رمضان 💙

Ramadhan O Ramadhan!

🔹 Ramadhaan mubarak is to remind that Ramadhan is coming. Prepare!..not with food and that...

🔹So easy, in Ramadhan every moment you getting reward- sleeping,  walking because you in the state of fasting.

🔹This month is like spring. Green trees, beautifully coloured birds which you didn't see. All the orchards blooming green, such a soothing sight. Whatever type of farm...how beautiful.  And just now it was winter, dry ground ...just like that in the 12 months our hearts were dry, even though we were doing our tilaawa etc. But now Ramadhan is coming you see people up before fajr in the Masjid doing dhor. ..getting geared up. TV box being shut down but it's the time to get it rid of it. We should get that excitement and anticipation.

🔹What virtues.  Hearts and minds are enlightened. One feels not to do the wrong they were doing, for example shaving the beard.

🔹This is the month where we correct our amal and intentions.  This month is filled with sincerity.  no one knows of your roza(fasting).  It's an inside 'Ibaada.  Until you don't tell someone they won't know.

🔹The doors of all goodness are opened. A habitual drinker will give it up. A person that won't fast won't eat in public.

🔹Evils are shut down.
It's such a springboard that forces you to leave the evil.

🔹shayateen are fastened. Jahannum doors closed.

🔹If one doesn't read quran he feels guilty.  He'll read even 10 paras if not a khatm or 5 khatms.

🔹Millions of people set free from jahannum iftar time.

🔹This guest has come to empty out its bag of goodness.
🔹The saliheen increase their good in this month and the evil ones cut down their evil in this month.
🔹Nafs is granted reward of fardh and fardh X 70.

What a season!

Masjids get full on the first night of Ramadhan. What is it ?
Allah made this month is like that, let us keep this momentum .
Now everyone is a buzurg in the house,  tasbeehs in the hands, Quran all the time. This is not just by chance, it's the system of Allah. 
One can see the Rahmat of Allah with the eyes of the head, not even of heart. No one in the world got this treasure as the Muslims. Work in it. This is a month for work. Then what is Eid!

🔹Fasting is prescribed so that we may gain taqwa.
Taqwa is that what Allah commands us to do we do and what Allah prohibited us from we stay away.
Allah is showing you you can stay away, you can have taqwa.  From halal you can stay away.
Allah is the Murabbi here.

🔹If we waste the month and more worried of our food, eid shopping etc and even worse if we involved still in guna on our phone or whatever then we will be truly a deprived person.

🔹Increase your tilaawa in this month give your charity in this month,...

🔹From Hadith --that there are many people who stay hungry but get nothing of it, and Allah does not need our hunger. ..

🔹On the last night of Shabaan the famous Hadith if Nabi ( صلى الله عليه و سلم ) . ..this is the month of sabr of increasing actions, first 10 days of Rahma, second of maghfirah and 3rd of emancipation of fire.

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Jewel #8

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem 

Tuesday Majlis 28 / 12 / 38

Points from Tuesday Majlis 28/12/38

🍓 Throughout the year, there are precious times that Allah Ta'ala blesses us with, such as the times of the 5 Salaahs, Ramadhan, 10 days of Thul Hijjah, 15 Shabaan, the time of Jumuah  etc. this is when the Rahmat  of Allah is coming down, if one inclines to Allah a little in these times, Allah moves him alot infront. And if one commits a sin in these valuable  times, then that is very very dangerous. So at that time, if one doesn't do good, then at least don't do evil.

🍓 And in the same way, the special places which are particularly meant for Allah Ta'ala,  where Allah's blessings are coming down,  like the Masajid, Haramain Sharifain, at the Rawdha Mubarak etc. to talk (worldly things) loudly.  Someone maybe doing some other guna, and we looking down on him, how shaytan works! We have to be careful. To sin in those mubarak places is also worse 

🍓 Hadhrat Umar radhiyallahu anhu would be sending the people out of the Haram of Makka after Hajj as it is not everyone's 'cup of tea' to stay There, because where the reward is so great,  the sin is also so great.

🍓 The sanctity of the Masjid is very great and this unfortunately goes easily out of our minds. Train our children at home. Not to make noise in the Masjid or speak anything of dunya 

🍓 We have our mobile phones,  then on there we have Quran Sharif , then we have our child's picture on, and what and what things we have on that phone, this mixing of the good and bad is very dangerous 

🍓 Hadhrat Moulana Thanwi's rahimahullah practices out of Ramadhan were just like that of Ramadhan, what more could He do in Ramadhan,  it's the same 24 hours! this is how our Akabireen valued time

🍓 That time that we give to Allah Ta’ala,  (actually all time is Allah's, it's  just an amaanat given to us, however for example the time we take out to go in jamat, umrah, khanqah, itikaaf etc.) All those times when the reward is greater doing wrong in those times is more dangerous and very harmful 

🍓 We acknowledge very few blessings of Allah, and that too very superficially.  We can never get to the depth of one ni'mat. Billions of Allah's favours are on us. Few that we know....very little of us make shukr and very little shukr we make. For example the eye, it's not just an eye- how many parts to it. Allahu Akbar!  When a ni'mat is taken away, then only we appreciate it , till its there we don't really appreciate it 

🍓 Same way, the sins we commit, very little we are aware of ,and so superficially too. countless of sins Allah Knows of us more than we know so thoroughly, yet Allah Ta'ala allows our life to carry on,  food , all blessings. so we must think of this also.How weak our aqaid is, how weak is our love for Deen, Imaan.  

🍓 Once when Ka'ba Sharif needed some repairs, the King of the time (if it's our masjid we would just call the worker) , they were not artisans, labourers used to working, but they went themselves and repaired It. At most we'll write out a cheque, donate

🍓 In the past, when the Turkish section of the Haram Sharif was to be built, They only used Hafiz e Quran, who used to be in the state of wudhu and who took no wages, to build the Haram Sharif, this is what a great honour they took it to be. We on other hand can't pick up some dirt,  we call the muathin or cleaner and give him a big lecture instead. Whereas these people regarded it as a great honour to serve people who come to the Masjid

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12 years wages!

Awwabeen Namaaz

Awwabeen is another name for “Tawwabeen”. Tawwabeen means a person who makes alot of Taubah. And just like we speak; Makkah--Bakkah, Mumbai—Bombay, like that- Awwabeen--Tawwabeen, it is the same Namaaz. The person who makes alot of Taubah -Allah loves.

ان الله يحب التوابين”
Allah loves those people tremendously; who make alot of taubah. 

التٌائِبُ مِنَ الذَّنبِ كَمَنْ لَا ذَنبَ لَه”
A person who makes taubah of his gunah is like a person who committed no gunah whatsoever.

التَّائِبُ حَبِيْبُ الله
A person who makes taubah is the Beloved of Allah Tabaarak wa Ta’ala.
It's also from “Awwaah”. Awwah means the great lovers of Allah Ta'ala. So by making Awwabeen we will be included in those people who make a lot of Taubah. We will be included in those people who are counted amongst the lovers of Allah Ta'ala.
Awwabeen Namaaz is from six to twenty rakaats. After Maghrib Namaaz- 6-20. In one Riwayat it comes clearly that a person who reads six rak’ats after the Fardh of Maghrib, his Awwabeen will be made.
Our Sheikh Rahmatullah alayh used to explain this, that Maghrib Namaaz; Alhamdulillah; the Ummat reads. After that, two Sunnat Muakkada everyone reads also and after that two Nafls everyone reads also. Famous in the Ummat-Maghrib is seven Rak’ats: 3 fardh + 2 Sunnat Muakkada = 5+ 2 Nafl = 7. So 4 we are reading after the fardh, we just have to add 2 more and then it becomes 6, and that's the minimum amount of Awwabeen!

So if we will do that; it comes in the Hadith Sharif; a person who makes Awwabeen gets the reward of twelve years Ibaadat.

To understand this practically in our terms and our understanding:

You are working for somebody and the boss told you there is a special customer who has come in from very far and he really buys very good. If you just stay five minutes extra (to make two rak’ats namaaz won’t even take us five minutes) you just stay five minutes and I’ll give you twelve years wages. So if that person is getting a wage of R10 000 a month; R120 000 for the year!

How much! almost two and half million rand just for that five minutes. And this is just an example, what Allah will give! what is two and half million rand? What is two and half million dollars/riyals? nothing whatsoever!

So just that little bit; make that two more rak’ats and 12 years of Ibaadat. And not only that, if you make Awwabeen Namaaz; it comes in the riwayat; if your sins are equal to all the foam of the seas of the world, Allah Ta’ala will forgive them.

To understand this in our times:

If a person has got so much debts; billions and trillions and quadrillions; all the foam of the sea, so much, but here Allah says, you just stay on that two minutes more; make your two rak’ats to make it six; the minmum of Awwabeen and I will write off all those debts of yours. So easy. That we can get all our sins forgiven if there are equal to all the foam of the oceans of the world.
Ulama say that for major sins we should make Taubah, proper Taubah and that this refers to minor sins. But anyway in the Hadith- all your sins will be forgiven.

So great virtues. Just by making that two Rak'ats more and it will be included in six. This is according to Muhadditheen. Fuqaha say, the six will be separate from the two Sunnat Muakkada. For safety sake, on special occasions like Ramadhan, make six separate; after two Sunnat Muakkada make another six, but in sha Allah by just making that six also. And that was the mizaaj of our Shaikh and of our Silsilah; Haji Imdaadullah Muhajir Makki Rahmatullah Alayh; they look for all the suhulat-the easy ways.

So two Sunnat Muakkada we are making, two nafls we are making, just add two more and it is our six and we will get this great reward! May Allah Ta'ala give us Taufiq.